#The Future of Minorities in the Middle East 

The “Averroes” Study Center presents Brothers Betrayed by Gian Micalessin

By Souad Sbai, President of the “Averroes” Study Center

The persecution of minorities by the jihadists in Syria is the subject of the latest book authored by the journalist and war correspondent Gian Micalessin. This subject has largely been overlooked in the West, but Micalessin recounts many stories describing the predicament of minority communities under the violence of extremist groups. His narration is detailed, informative, and vividly transmit their suffering to the readership of Brothers Betrayed.

Micalessin’s new book will thus give us the opportunity the speak about “#The Future of Minorities in the Middle East” during the Conference that the “Averroes” Study Center will organize next Thursday, May 24, in Rome, Sala Fondazione Primoli, at 16.30 hours.

The meeting will feature Micalessin himself, along with the television journalist Maurizio Martinelli, who will moderate the proceedings. They will touch on the most salient parts of Brothers Betrayed, and then the debate will extend to the current situation in Syria. A particular attention will be given to the role of the jihadist groups financed by Qatar and backed also by countries such as Turkey, and to the influence they still retain despite ISIS territorial demise.

This conference is part of a program of events and activities that the “Averroes” Study Center is promoting in order to raise increasing awareness on the Salafist radicalism and on the threat it represents for the whole world.