“#Radical Jihadism Temptation”: The “Averroes” Study Center Raises the Alarm on Youth and Proselytism

The meeting drew inspiration from the study of two French sociologists, Olivier Galland and Anne Muxel, who expose the extent of the infiltration by extremist figures among the youths belonging to the second generations, who infect their mind with instruments ever more subtle.

The young who were surveyed by the two researchers reveal disturbing aspects, especially as to the justification of violence and their view of monotheism resulting in ”religious absolutism”: a deadly mix that is creating true time bombs. From a political perspective, Souad Sbai, pointed out that the excuse of marginalization is no longer enough to explain the increasing radicalization of young people, while Gianandrea Gaiani focused on the geopolitical context, calling for the halt to the hidden funding from abroad toward do-it-yourself imam and proselytizers. A “psychological” approached was adopted by Prof. Amodio, who highlighted the mechanisms underway between the youths and their proselytizers: the link with depression, how they are radicalized, the starting and arrival points.

At the end of the Conference, after a lively discussion between the speakers and the audience, an award ceremony for the appointment of new ambassadors of peace took place, which are the real symbols of Averroes’ path against extremism.