Gunfire and Stabbing

Souad Sbai, journalist and President of the “Averroes Cultural Center”, comments on the two attacks occurred in Fulda, Germany, where a man stabbed some passers-by and another one (or maybe the same person but this is still to be figure out) started firing wildly at a bakery.

“Did you know that Germany is a country of mad people? They tell us there are no terrorists, but there are many crazy people anyway. At least, this is what the news of the major newspapers say: after the “madman” of Münster (whose face remains unknown…), today in Fulda a man stabbed a group of passers-by next to him, while another one came into a shop and started shooting wildly…”

Amid the polemics on the controversial attack in Münster, which was said to be the work of a crazy individual and not of a terrorist, Souad Sbai is ironical:

“In Germany there is a huge psychiatric problem, no doubt. In this very moment, someone is certainly writing that it could be the same person. A madman with superpowers. We just have to wait for the diagnosis of the psychiatrists.” Meanwhile, the German police has started to investigate on this latest case.