Souad Sbai (“Averroes” Cultural Center): Turkeys’ War financed by EU

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Souad Sbai, President of the “Averroes” Cultural Center, journalist and jihadist terrorism expert) commented on the new EU funding to Erdogan’s Turkey to stop migrant flow:

European criticism is emerging against Erdogan´s actions. Thus far, though, the Turkish dictator has received €9.1 billion from the European Union, and he is waiting for another €3 billion that should be arriving soon. Money to put Turkey on an equal footing with EU member states, and to contribute to the modernization of his country.

The European Court of Auditors suddenly woke up, realizing that the funds allocated for certain goals have been spent on other purposes. Meanwhile, Turkey forced the ENI oil ship out of the coast of Cyprus, interfered in the domestic politics of Germany and the Netherlands, persecuted opponents in Turkey including many EU citizens, and speeded up the re-Islamization of the society., Above all, Turkey is waging a bloody war on the  Kurds, in the territory of Afrin, Syria, perhaps financed by the EU.