Souad Sbai: “Is Mohammed VI dead? Rumors without foundation”

Mohamme VI e il figlio – dal web

“Rumors circulating about the supposed death of Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, are baseless. It is not a news, it is a fake news with wide circulation. Last Friday, on March 9, sources close to the Polisario Front spread unfounded rumors. The fake news emerged when Morocco´s King Mohammed VI underwent a heart surgery in a Hospital in Paris a few days ago for an irregular heartbeat.”

The press release sent out by Souad Sbai, journalist and president of Moroccan Women´s Association in Italy, talks about the unsubstantiated rumors that confirm the death of King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

“The fake news went viral thanks to the social media networks able to change information into fake news. There is no oficial confirmation that Mohammed VI´s life is in danger. According to a message issued by the Moroccan Royal Palace on the website, the King of Morocco is taking a convalescence period after surgery but he continues to rule the country. “