Souad Sbai´s message in relation to threats against Montevecchi: “Solidarity with threatened by extremists”

A screenshot from the video


Souad Sbai, journalist and international jihadism expert, talks about the threats that Matteo Montevecchi and the digital newspaper called Rimini 2.0 have received because of the viral video “The truth about the Islamic associations in Italy”.

“I live under intimidation and threats and I have been threatened and intimidated by some people related to jihadist extremism who nowadays, act as lord and master in Italy and on social media.  I want to express my closeness and solidarity with the digital newspaper Rimini 2.0 and with Matteo Montevecchi threatened with death because of the video “The truth about the Islamic associations in Italy.” Matteo must be protected, verbal abuse and perhaps later, physical violence exercised by jihadist militants cannot become something usual and suitable: in Italy there should be no rooms for fatwā (death penalty). ”

The video that has gone viral on social media shows the friendship between some Islamic associations placed in Italy and the extremists. Associations that, nevertheless, attempt to seem like they moderate.

“Verbal and physical threats are a modus operandi that right now, in the age of social networks and digital communication, it is expanding outward unchecked and it is reaching alarming proportions. When this modus operandi was not so widespread, everything was based on the jihad by court, that is, if someone speaks, must be denounced; but after some judgements, the scene has changed considerably: now, there are threats and assaults. I want to express my solidarity with Montevecchi and with the newspaper online Rimini 2.0. Each threat is a warning signal that pushes us to move forward “.