Statement by Soud Sbai, President of the Averroes Cultural Center, journalist and jihadist terrorism expert

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What a hypocrisy to name a military operation “Olive Branch”, when just yesterday Turkey announced, with great satisfaction, to have killed 3.149 Kurds in the Afrin region. The olive tree is a symbol of peace, and you can say it out loud. In fact, a true carnage has been executed amid the general silence. According to the Turkish armed forces, 3.149 Syrian Kurds, which they call “terrorists”, have been “neutralized” (not to say killed). At the same time, no data are provided on the number of civilian victims, which are believed to be hundreds, including children.

Actually, the dead are only Kurds, and certainly they were not the ones endangering the Syrian people. Rather, they strenuously defended the Syrians from the attacks of Daesh, which was supported precisely by Turkey. The Turkish regime wants to pass off a real armed aggression to the Kurdish-Syrian region of Afrin as a counter-terrorism operation, an Islamo-Fascist method widely used by Erdogan to justify, even at home, the most heinous crimes against anyone opposing his regime, or anyone he sees as a threat.

No wonder that all this is happening amid the silence of Europe and the United States, who behaved cowardly toward the Kurds, first using them and then letting them down. Not to mention the blatant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which establishes a ceasefire throughout Syrian territory. This resolution has patently been ignored by Erdogan, who is persisting in his relentless bombing campaign against the Afrin region.