Emirates airline: Adu Dhabi Replies to Tunis

      Commenti disabilitati su Emirates airline: Adu Dhabi Replies to Tunis

The decision of the Tunisian government to ban the operations of the Emirates airline was disappointing to many Tunisian citizens whose interests were seriously damaged.


The UAE decision to carry out further checks on the passports of some Tunisian female passengers was temporary and was withdrawn after a few hours.


The motivation behind this decision is the right of the UAE to protect the security of their country, especially due to the presence in different battlefields of more than 8 thousand Tunisians among the ranks of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, accompanied by over 200 Tunisian women.


Following this hasty decision, the Emirates airline will not be able to accept the reopening of the Dubai-Tunis route because it will affect its business accounts.

This decision is a commercial and not a political one, contrary to that which was taken by the Tunisian civil aviation authority.


There will be considerable losses caused by the position of the Tunisian government, which has not pondered the consequences of its initiative.