MARRAKESH: the trades , the memory OF OUR COUNTRIES

2017, Saturday 21st October.

The exhibition titled « The trades , the memory of our countries » will take place from 19th October to 12th November, 2017 at the Cultural Center Atlas Golf Marrakech (Km 1, D’Amizmiz St., 40000, Marrakech) and will exhibit the work of art of Hicham Bermaky, artist and painter, and of Morgane Pieters, a bookbinder.

The two artists met on April, in an artistic mansion placed in Aït Ben Haddou.

It was organised to celebrate the 20th aniversary of the grading of the valley in the Unesco classification of World Heritage Sites.
Bermaky is passionate for art since his teenage years and this passion is, in fact, his only decision since  he left his studies in the scientific field so he could fully live his passion, his dream
of creating his works of art and, especially, his paintings. Hicham Bermaky is a multi-faceted artist; during his studies in Casablanca, at the Beaux-Arts, he could practice with different tools and channels (installations, videos, photographies, illustrations, sculpture and painting).
After his education, oriented in the direction of a job as a librarian, Morgane Pieters makes her way towards a practical training as an art binder and restorer of ancient  books. She is independent since 2013, her experience and her meetings leads her into moving to Morocco. On November 2016, on the occasion of  Cop 22, she shows, for the first time in Morocco, a book  realized with 21 international artists.
The meeting of this two  artists on the occasion of  the Cultural Heritage Days, represents an evolution for their respective works. The combination between the paintings by  Hicham Bermaky and  the bibliophile techniques of Morgane Pieters triggers the process of creation of authentic works of art, complementary and  unusual.

The subject of the exhibition: the trades, the memory of our countries, is an attempt to enhance, via the artistic creation, the value of the traditional trades that founded our civilizations. Here, Morocco and France present their traditional labourers in order to pay homage to them. Traditional techniques and contemporary creation assembled to get us travel through time and space. Among paintings, artist’s book and installations, this original exhibition encourages escapism but also reflection.